Deal and Acquisition Services

We work pre-deal to augment our clients’ deal activities in the following ways:

1)  Buy-in Candidate Search and Due Diligence – Before a deal can be completed there is sometimes a need to identify and appoint executive and non-executive buy-in candidates. The period of exclusivity often presents an acquirer the best opportunity to convince management that an appointment should happen whilst the qualitative views of a good chairman/NED candidate can be key to assessing an asset as part of the commercial diligence process.

2)  Acquisition Mapping, and Deal Origination – In a competitive investment climate where Private Equity teams and acquisitive businesses are stretched, it can often pay to outsource your deal origination activity. 

This process is the same as a search. We take a thorough brief on the types of companies our clients are interested in (taking into consideration subsectors, size, geography, ownership structure) before mapping all relevant target companies and people. We then approach relevant shareholders to explore whether a full or partial exit might be of interest.